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Siberians of the Heartland

Siberians of the Heartland, formerly known as The Puppy Ranch.  We are making some changes around here.  Bringing in some new Pack members and human members.  Because of this we decided one of the changes would be our kennel name.  I have been breeding for 14 years and believe the name of our kennel may be outdated and not as appropriate!  The name change will be slow, and we will keep the website name and slowly get things switched over to a new name in hopes to not loose contact with our puppy owners over the past 14 years.  Starting February we started making changes, both with our Siberians and with human partners to our Family.  This has been a very big decision.  To start with, Kenny Huether and his wife are investing in Siberians of the Heartland with their own pack.  Obviously I wouldn't let just anyone in on this.  They are part of my family and we have always been very very close.   The biggest reason for this decision is wanting extra help with my Siberians.  As my kids get older I find myself needing to be away more.  Kenny and his wife, Lindsey,  live 1 mile from me.  In addition to this news, my very good friend Kellie McCracken with McCracken Huskies has had some major life changes recently and has made the decision to retire, as much as a stay at home mom can retire.  We have been so blessed with the opportunity to take in her her pack of huskies.  So Kenny and I are really looking forward to taking this huge step into the future and seeing where this added venture can take us!    There will be no changes with my program, just the signature at the bottom of contracts.


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Our Males




Forest - New Stud Coming Soon!



                                                           - Retired                                        - Went back to his original home to show!

More information and pictures coming soon!

Our Females



- Retiring soon                                             V                                                                          



- retiring soon                               



                                                                                                                  - retired





                                                                                                                            - Retired








Our Lost Friends