~ Heartland's Snow Covered Hills ~

~ Icelyn ~


Sex: Female

Born: 1/17/12

Color: Gray and White

Eyes: Blue eyes


Height at shoulders:

Relation:  Secret and Shadow Pup




Icelyn is an amazing amazing girl.  Can not wait to see how she turns out.  She has that it factor.  Structure, Coat, Headset, Movement.  She has a very playful personality, and appears to be very strong headed.  At 13 weeks old, Pictures were actually a challange.  This girl listens the best that I have ever raised.  It is amazing.  Usually when I take pictures, I make a noise to get their attention.  They stop what they are doing and look to see where I am at.  Icelyn stops what she is doing immediately and comes running to me.  She comes on noise made.  Truly amazing.  Loves with ALL her heart.  She learns things so quickly.  I love LOVE this girl!

11 months








5 months

Yuck, sure hope it was the sun setting that has the color completely off on these pictures and not my camera going on the blitz.

Also want to point out, this was Icelyn's first time with a leash!  Such a good girl!





My almost 6 yr olds attempt at making her stand. 



15 weeks old

Just some fun Pictures,  My almost 6 yr old said he was training her tricks, lol.





13 weeks old







9 weeks old






6 weeks old



4 weeks old





3 weeks old






2 weeks old




5 days old