~ McCracken's Yuri Gagaran~


~ Yuri ~



Sex: Male

Born: 10/12/08

Color: Black and White dirty face

Eyes: Blue eyes


Height at shoulders:

Relations:  Shadow and Kiana's son.

Cerf: Normal

OFA: Good

Thyroid: Normal



Yuri comes to us from an outstanding breeder and dear friend Mandy Michalek in South Dakota!

  He is and will always be my dream dog.   I have never had a siberian with such a high intelligence, an

 eagerness for learning, a calmness that is unheard of in this breed, outstanding coat, structure, I

 could go on forever.   Yuri owns my heart!  Are the words of Kellie McCracken.


Words can not explain how amazing of a feeling it is to have produced this boy.  Watch him grow

 through pictures and Kellies words then to get him back home and see for my self what an amazing

 boy he truly is.  Brings tears to my eyes.  He is everything I dream of producing here at The Puppy Ranch!


Yuri at 4 years old!

Very upset with the pictures,  I had my camera set on the wrong setting.  Will take new pictures of him soon!


  Yuri at 10 months!