~ Heartlands Legendary Spirit ~


Sex: Male

Born: 9/18/08

Color: Agouti and White dirty face

Eyes: Blue eyes


Height at shoulders:

Relations:  - Pride's cousin (Prides father and Legends mother were littermates). 

Breeze's Nephew.  Breeze's mother is Legends Grandmother.





Legend's  coat, build and personality make him just outstanding.  He is calm, graceful, and just goes with the flow.  He is Amazing.  He gets along well with all other dogs even though he is a stud dog.  Which is impressive in itself.  But one time I was off on my due date and had a female deliver 2 weeks early and this female and legend were still kenneled together.  This female had 10 puppies.  She had most of them inside and couple outside.  When I found her that morning she was laying with the 2 outside and legend was laying with the babies inside wrapped around them like he was nursing them.  Hands down the most remarkable thing I have ever witnessed in 17 years of breeding.  This boy is my ANGEL!  And has proved to be the perfect addition to our family.



1 and 1/2  YEARS old














1 YEAR old









31 weeks old


















23 weeks old




















18 weeks old















He is such a sweet puppy.  He is a pretty boy.  Just like Pride and Breeze.  Legend is so low key.  He listens well.  Has outstanding manners.  He picks up on commands so quick. 

 How exciting things are going to be.  Keep watch for all the great things this boy is going to do.


16 weeks old














14 weeks old






10 weeks old








8 weeks old









Legend before he joined us at The Puppy Ranch!!



6 Weeks


4 Weeks





3 Weeks





2 Weeks




1 Weeks











Snow  X Delilah



Delilah is pregnant in these pictures.