~ McCrackens Sweet Tea~

~ Sweet Tea ~


Sex: Female

Born: 2/16/09

Color: Silver and White

Eyes: Blue eye


Height at shoulders:

Relation: No Relation.  Dyna and Magnum were residents of The Puppy Ranch!






This beautiful Silver Husky is our newest little girl from The Puppy Ranch in South Dakota.  Stunning mask and amazing pedigree.  She's still blowing her coat a little in this picture!
Favorite past-time: Hanging with Gypsy and playing with the pups!
Another girl from Kellie McCrackens pack.  And another girl produced by me.  Again lacking words to explain how proud and happy I am she has come back home.   I no longer have her parents so makes it even more special for her to be back home!
I had the setting set wrong when taking these pictures.  Also, Sweet Tea is pregnant in these pictures.  Will get additional pictures taken soon with the correct setting.  She looks so much like her mother with just enough of her father to make her oh so beautiful!