~McCrackens The Sun will come out Tamara ~  

~Tamara ~



Sex: Female

Born: 8/18/2009

Color: Black and White

Eyes: Blue eye/ Brown eye


Height at shoulders:

Relation:  Yuri is her father.  Another of Shadow's lines.

Cerf: Normal

OFA: Excellent - SH-17793E28F - VPI 




Tamara is stunning.  She is the calmest, sweetest girl and we absolutely love her.   She loves to play with toys and is so gentle with them.  She never rips them up, though she easily could.   She is very gentle and loves pig ears and bully sticks.   She's an outstanding mother and takes wonderful care of her puppies.   Very good on leash and with the children.

Tamara came to us from McCracken huskies.  Part of the pack we were so blessed to be able to bring to The Puppy Ranch.


  2 1/2 Years Old!


  6 Months Old!


 14 Weeks Old:


 11 Wks Old:


 Five Weeks Old:

 4 Weeks Old


Three Weeks Old: