~Tessa's Blue Victori~



Sex: Female

Born: 2/20/2000 - 9/9/06

Color: Pure White

Eyes: Blue eyes

Weight: 66 lbs

Condition: Past Away.

Relation:  Tessa is the mother of Trinity and Liberty and Padme (new 2year old addition).  Grandmother to Tundra.








On September 9, 2006 Tessa began showing signs of labor.  I was with her all night and nothing was happening.  She started becoming to sleepy and just wasn't acting right.  I took her to the vet to find out she was running a 104.7 temp.  We gave her antibiotics immediately and hooked her up to IV's.  We decide that may not have been in labor after all and the infection was making her act that way.  We did know that we could not do a c-section in fear that she would not survive the surgery.  She was not contracting after all.  My vet decided she wanted to take her home with so she could monitor her.  I did not like this thinking I wanted to be with her, but knew this was in her best interest.  Our vet is an outstanding lady.  No way did we see her passing on so I agreed.  Our vet did not make it half way home before Tessa went into toxic shock.  She tried to bring her back, but was unsuccessful.  She immediately tried to save the puppies, having done an ultrasound earlier in the day and knowing at that time they were alive.  She was to late. The puppies passed away as well.  After delivering the puppies she found that she had 15 puppies that were small, but to be expected because of the number of puppies.  She also found that there was a 16th puppy that had completely decayed and the water bag was broken in the uterus leading to the infection that could have happened a while back.  This is a devastating blow to our home.  Tessa was one of my very first dogs.  She is loved and cherished by our entire family.  She will be in my heart and the hearts of many for years and years to come.

Please anyone reading this if you have a baby of Tessa please please email me pictures so I can add them to this page.  Any good pictures of her babies growing up.  Thank you.

The entire puppy ranch family

Thank you to all of you.  You have been so supportive during our hard time.  The pictures and sympathy notes just poured in.  Please keep the pictures coming.  All these pictures are awesome.  For those of you who sent pictures and you don't see you picture on here, please send them again.  It has taken me a while to get he pictures up.  It was just pretty hard to do it before now.  In the mean time I must have miss placed them.  My deepest apologies so please do send them again.