~ Heartland's Field of Dreams ~


~ Meadow~

Sex: Female

Born: 4/1/2012

Color: Silver and White

Eyes: Brown eyes


Height at shoulders:





Rumor - Mother Pedigree: http://pawvillage.com/pedigree/pedigree.asp?ID=YVP3XKT3RJ

Romeo - Father Pedigree: http://pawvillage.com/pedigree/pedigree.asp?ID=WOJFQO1GW0


This is my first brown eyed puppy.  A big step for me as I am partial to my blue eyed babies.  But the minute I saw meadow I fell so deeply in love with her.  She is amazing.  Then I took a look at her pedigree and wow was I am impressed.  She has all my favorite lines put together.  She has lines from Secret.  And a few other dogs I have loved so dearly through the years.  I am so happy to add this girl to our family!  Thank you so much Laura Pyle of Lauradale Kennels!


Also want to add, my 5 yr old is THE best helper anyone could have period.  Especially in the kennels.  He is out daily cleaning with me.  The effort he puts in not easily put into words.  So one day he says to me while Icelyn is crawling all over him, mommy can I have this puppy.  I planned on keeping her so I say SURE.  Not putting to much thought into it.  Well a few weeks later I hear him say to his older brother, this is my puppy.  Mommy said so.  Needless to say didn't go over well with my 7 yr old.  So pretty soon I now daily have a second helper.  Man is this great I was thinking.  Wasn't much longer my 7 yr old say, Ryder got a puppy for working can I have a puppy.  Luckily I had already fallen in love with meadow and was in the process of adopting her.  So I told him about her.  And my reason for telling this story is the fact that Colton so loves for her beauty and her brown eyes as he is the only boy of 3 boys with brown eyes like his daddy.  So he is so certain this match was meant to be.  He loves her so much.  My boys have never been so dedicated to their dog chores and duties.  All one happy family!  I am so blessed for so many reasons!




9 months old






12 weeks old







Meadow, 9 weeks old, is pictures with Colton, 7 yrs old below!