Heartlands Hear My Echo


Sex: Male

Born: 5/11/2011

Color: Silver and White

Eyes: Blue eyes




Relation: Echo and Nation have the same dad, Leo. 

Leo and Aspen are half siblings.




Echo has finally joined our family.  This has been such a long wait.  Kellie and her family could not have raised him better.  We are very happy with him.  He is still adjusting to his new life and the other dogs.  So far he is getting to know Kiana and they are getting along well.  He has beautiful movement.  Perfect ears.  I am so happy with this guys head.  I did have some trouble getting him to hold his head higher, but I am pretty sure that is because he is not feeling as confident with the new surroundings.  He is great with my kids.  Mild mannered.  He does want to do some jumping, but my boys know how to handle them when that happens and they are already learning very quickly that jumping doesn't work around here.  WE LOVE HIM!  Can not wait to get to know him better.  His coat is perfect length, thick, and soft.  He is a BIG BIG boy at 9 months old.

9 Months Old