Mandy Michalek has been providing quality puppies to the local area for almost 15 years now.  People have known her for her abilities while working on the family-owned cattle ranch. These cattle have sold for top dollar as prime beef stock.  Now, they also know her for the quality of dogs she raises and offers to the public. Her love of these particular breeds of dogs clearly shows through in the beauty and temperament of the puppies she raises.

Mandy's success at raising these gorgeous dogs has allowed for her to build a spectacular kennel to house them in. This brand new feature to her Siberians of the Heartland was made with love and cleanliness in mind.  The dogs now live in their new home complete with insulated heating and air year round.  It is located within close range to where she resides so she may keep a constant vigil when the puppies are born into the Heartland world.  Nursery camera's have also been installed for protection and easy monitoring of the mothers and puppies at all times.

High demand for her puppies has allowed her to have this site created. Our goal is to offer a place where puppy lovers can go and see the puppies, the kennels, and the love in which they are raised. We hope you enjoy our site! 


This page was written by a friend who helped create this site. 

THANK YOU   -Mandy