Macee's pup at 3 weeks                    Justice's pup at 5 weeks                   

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 Ferrah's pup at 3 weeks                        Macee at 9 weeks



              Justice's pup at 4 weeks                                                        Justices pup at 5 weeks                                                         Justice's pups at 1-2 weeks



Angels pups at 8 weeks                                                Ferrah's pups at 4 weeks                       

Tessa's pup at 7 weeks                                                Justice's pups at 3 weeks                                Tessa's pups at 7 weeks

Demon at 11 weeks  (Tessa's pup)

Trinity's pups at 4 weeks (2004)

Jasmynn's pups at 4 weeks                                                Macee's pup at 8 weeks