Effective August 1, 2008

We are providing a new Genetic Health Guarantee. I highly recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins so much so I am adding it into our guarantee.  I will still be providing a 1 year genetic health guarantee, however, if you wish to have the second year guarantee you will need to purchase these vitamins.

Siberians of the Heartland

Health Guarantee Contract

      We the owners of Siberians of the Heartland (seller) do hereby sell this _______________________________________ puppy: 

Sex _____ Color ____________ Birth date ___________

From (Sire) ______________________________________

And (Dam) _______________________________________

To ______________________ (buyer) for the said price of ________.

Siberians of the Heartland offers a guarantee on any genetic health problem up to the first birth date of the puppy.  We strongly recommend “NuVet Plus Canine” supplement.  If you purchase this supplement and continue to use it throughout the guarantee, we will extend your one-year genetic health guarantee for one additional year, thus covering your puppy through his/her second birthday.

Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available, and the fact that not all canine illness are covered by vaccinations, we ask that all Siberians of the Heartland puppies be kept on "NuVet Plus Canine" in order for you to have an additional one-year extended genetic health guarantee.  This Nutritional Supplement is only available through breeder recommendation.  You will be instructed concerning this when you take possession of your puppy. You are expected to order before you leave our kennel, if the order line is active. The order line phone number is: 1-800-474-7044.  Your order code is #64293. The order line hours are 8am-6pm Pacific Time.   NuVet Labs sends us a monthly report on which Siberians of the Heartland puppies are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine.

Siberians of the Heartland certifies that the subject puppy is up to date on all necessary vaccinations and health care.  The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by their Veterinarian within 3 days from purchase or arrival date with proof of such visit available to seller upon request.   Failure to do so will cause this contract to be terminated.

If a problem should arise on the initial vet exam, the buyer shall contact the seller immediately.  Fecal testing, other testing for parasites, worm medications, and vaccinations should be a part of your puppy's healthcare routine, and as such, are not covered under this guarantee.

We must be contacted prior to any testing for genetic problems for the charges to be considered, at either the initial exam or any other exams during the guarantee period.  If the problem proves to be genetic, we will exchange the puppy with a different puppy of equal value from the next available litter or reimburse the buyer for medical costs up to the purchase price of the puppy only.  Reimbursement for medical costs will be made ONLY IF THE SELLER WAS CONTACTED FOR PRIOR APPROVAL. 

It is our intent to place only healthy puppies.  If your puppy proves to be genetically unsound, contact the seller immediately. The puppy would need to be brought or shipped back to Siberians of the Heartland home so that he/she can be replaced with a healthy puppy. The buyer is responsible for all the shipping fees.   Health issues that the buyer was made aware of prior to taking possession will not be covered.  Shipping charges are non-refundable.  Medical costs without prior approval and in excess of the purchase price will be the responsibility of the buyer.

In case of death, an autopsy by a licensed veterinarian (at the buyer's expense) stating the cause of death would be required before replacement would be made.  No replacements can be made until the puppy's registration papers are returned along with the copy of the health guarantee contract and a copy of the initial licensed veterinarian puppy exam receipt.

We take every precaution to insure the safety of all our animals, but because we have no control over the animal once it leaves our kennel, we accept no responsibility for the death or illness of exposure to other animals which may be brought on by the buyer as a direct result of shipping or exposure to other animals and environments.

Our guarantee is to the person purchasing the puppy and is not transferable to another party.

This guarantee does not cover regular puppy health visits, vaccines, de-worming, or any other veterinary care or medications.

Although I can tell you the size of the parents, I do not guarantee what size the puppy will be when he/she grows up.  If you purchased a puppy with full breeding rights, you were given the "best possible candidate" from the litter for breeding.  I do not, however, guarantee fertility.

A veterinarian MUST inspect the puppy within 3 days of his or her arrival (Sunday's excluded), and the receipt (proof) from the veterinary along with any other paper work that they may give you must be kept with your puppy's file.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep the receipt and the signed guarantee contract for the guarantee to remain in effect.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the health guarantee contract.

The buyer must provide the seller with veterinary records and notes, test results, bills, and if applicable, X-rays, in order for any charges to be considered.  No charges will be considered if the health issue is not a proven genetic disorder.  The seller has the right to a second opinion with a veterinarian who is unassociated with the buyer's veterinarian.  All veterinary charges are the buyer's responsibility until it is a proven genetic disorder.

This contract is entered into between the buyer and the seller in Brule County, in the state of South Dakota, and is the entire agreement.  Nothing is implied.

The state of South Dakota law will apply to this contract.

Siberians of the Heartland

24083 SD HWY 50

Chamberlain, SD 57325




Seller's Signature _____________________

Dated ________________

Buyer's Signature _____________________

Dated ________________



NuVet Labs


Special Code #:  64293




Note:  Please everyone understand I DO NOT hold any puppies unless I have received a deposit.

Deposits will NOT be refunded unless I am unable to provide you with your puppy. 

Payment and shipping fees will need to be made in full 24 hours before the planned shipping date or I will not ship the puppy.  IF you fail to pick up the puppy up at the airport, within 24 hours of arrival, I will have the puppy shipped back to me.  Your puppy will be sold to someone else and there will be NO REFUND.  When the puppy has to be shipped back to me I have to pay shipping costs and boarding costs.  Once the puppy is back to The Puppy Ranch and IF it has not been sold when you contact me, depending on the circumstance, you can choose to pay all the extra fees and have your puppy returned to you, but 0nly if I feel it would be in the best interest of the puppy. 

***Remember to make arrangements, if something happens and you can't pick up your puppy.  At least let someone know you are getting the puppy so they may contact me and let me know what is going on.  Post notes up around the house for shipping information and also notify friends and family as much as possible.  I understand that sometimes these puppies are surprises, but there must be someone you can share this with.   If I am contacted most the time we can get something worked out.  I am willing to work with you.  When I am unable to contact you because of this problem I am assuming that you are irresponsible.  I have to look out for the well being of my puppies.

**** I will not accept any personal checks or cashiers checks.  I accept payment through paypal, western union or a postal money order.  Postal money orders must be received no later than 5 weeks of age of the puppy you are adopting.    If you are personally picking up your puppy and paying at that time, do not come with out CASH.  You will not get to take your puppy home with you until I have received cash payment.  Absolutely no exceptions.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Thank you, 

Mandy Michalek

Siberians of the Heartland