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Formerly known as The Puppy Ranch.  We are making some changes around here.  Bringing in some new Pack members and human members.  Because of this we decided one of the changes would be our kennel name.  I have been breeding for 14 years and believe the name of our kennel may be outdated and not as appropriate!  The name change will be slow, and we will keep the website name and slowly get things switched over to a new name in hopes to not loose contact with our puppy owners over the past 14 years.


Mandy, Marty, Garrett Colton and Ryder Michalek

Kenny and Lindsey Huether




     Mandy along with her husband, Marty, and three sons, Garrett, Colton, and Ryder provides quality puppies that you, your family and children will love.  These gorgeous puppies grow into healthy adults!  Mandy removes their dew claws and provides her puppies with 1 shot of parvo vaccine and 1 shot of  Van Guard Plus 5/L.  The puppies are also wormed 4 times by the age of 8 weeks.  All puppies are AKC registered and come with a 2 year health guarantee.

As of February, 2013 Kenny and Lindsey Huether are joining the fold.  Kenny and I are related and have been given the opportunity to buy McCracken Huskies.  We feel truly blessed for this opportunity.   Some big changes are needed as a number of our girls are approaching retirement.  Also, the past year I have been needing more help, which is where Kenny and his wife are needed and brought into the fold.  Our policies and way of doing our program will not be changing.  Our Siberians are still being housed here on my ranch.  Kenny and Lindsey live less than a mile away so all their help is just a phone call away!

Kenny and I were pretty much raised together and our passions have always been the same.  We both have always had a strong love for outdoors and animals.   Besides always having dogs be part of our lives, so were cats, sheep, rabbits cattle and horses.  Kenny and I worked side by side for many years ranching.  We both grew up ranching and after I lost my dad at the age of 14, Kenny moved in with us and took care of our ranch and at the same time building his own.  In 1998 I had my very first litter and Kenny has always been hands on with helping me.  In 2001 I met Marty, he was so supportive of my dream, he hand built me my first real Kennel.  Marty, Kenny and I ran our ranches together until we moved to Chamberlain in 2004.  Seems only natural that if I was going to include someone in this passion that it would be Kenny. 

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